The First Confessor: The Legend of Magda Searus by Terry Goodkind

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The First Confessor: The Legend of Magda Searus
By: Terry Goodkind
608 pages
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The First Confessor Book CoverWhen the husband of Magda Searus commits suicide, she sets out to discover why. She knows he wouldn’t have done it without good reason, and finds a note left for her that confirms her thoughts. It’s a time of war and there is a struggle for power within the Wizard’s Keep where she lives, and though it’s dangerous she continues to push and ask questions in her search for answers.

Overall, this was an amazing prequel. It explains SO MUCH of what you learn and see in the Sword of Truth books. The story behind how the sword came to be, how the confessors were created, the Rahl bond. I am SO SO SO glad he wrote this book and really wish he would write some more of the story for Magda and Merritt about the war during their time and how they accomplish winning.

I would recommend this books to others who enjoy fantasy books.

Favorite Part: It’s really hard to pick just one. I will say overall, I really love how Terry Goodkind describes the way magic works in this world. He gives very detailed explanations that give you a good grasp of understanding how it works.

Least Favorite Part: When Magda is turned into a Confessor. It is what the entire book led up to and yet you don’t actually see how it happens. You get the very beginning, and then bam it’s the next day and she has her power.

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