Still Alice by Lisa Genova

Book Turned Movie Challenge: January
Pop Sugar Challenge: New York Times Best Seller

Started: 1/1/2016
Finished: 1/6/2016

Still Alice
By: Lisa Genova
353 pages
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Still Alice Book CoverThe first book I decided to read for the year. A headstrong, independent and highly intellectual woman starts forgetting things and soon discovers she has Alzheimer’s. The early onset and passed down through the family kind, so that adds to the aspect of the story because she has 3 children and one of them is trying to have children. It’s told from her point of view so the story can seem kind of jumpy, but it makes sense the more your read into it and realize what’s happening. Mostly because you can remember what you read a few pages ago and make the connections, she can’t remember anything. For example, at one point she goes to class as a student and is wonder where the teacher is, and finally gets up and leaves saying she has better things to do. At first I was thinking “Is this a flashback? Or is this current?” and you realize through events later that she thought she as in college again going to class as a student and not as the teacher.

Overall, I really loved this book. It was quick and easy to get into, straight to the point in the beginning so it wasn’t just dragging on to start. It really set up the relationship between everyone, which of course made the diagnosis and the rest of the story understandably heartbreaking. It was especially interesting to see the difference in how each family member handled the situation differently. I’m excited to see the movie and what they do with the story.

I would for sure recommend this books to others. It’s definitely a sad read though and can almost give you anxiety about your own future.

Favorite Part: When she is talking about how she would rather have cancer and why. It really puts into perspective the difference between the two types of illnesses and how helpless you feel mentally when physically you are okay.

Least Favorite Part: The ending. It really felt like it just ended. I had to flip back and forth to be sure I wasn’t just missing something. There wasn’t exactly a conclusion with anything, though I am not sure how you would even ‘conclude’ a story like that.

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