Lost Girl – Season 1 Episode 1 – It’s a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World

It’s a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World

  • Season: 1
  • Episode: 1
  • Air date: September 12, 2010

Lost Girl Its a Fae Fae Fae Fae WorldThe final season of Lost Girl came out on Netflix this last week, and I decided I needed to re-watch the entire series before I jump into the end! It’s been a while since I have seen a lot of it, and waiting on this final season has been a ridiculously long wait, so a refresher is needed.

I love this show. I seriously wish it never had to end. Starting over again has just reminded me why I love it so much. Bo and Kenzie are both witty and hilarious, Dyson is sexy. It’s a nice combination of all the SciFi things I love. Anna Silk plays this character perfectly, she owns it and I don’t think anyone else could ever play Bo.


Opening with Bo bar tending and a creeper guy at the bar dropping something into the second drink he ordered. She turns him down and enter Kenzie, sporting a short blonde wig. You can tell by the look on Bo’s face as she watches creeper approach Kenzie and give her the drink. It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World FeedKenzie exits and makes her way to the elevator exit and creepy dude reaches his 100% creeper level and tries to take advantage of Kenzie in the elevator under the effects of the spiked drink. Enter Bo, in all her sexy glory, suavely flirts with him and asks for a kiss. In Kenzie’s words Bo ‘eats the guys face’ leaving him dead in the elevator with a creepy looking smile, tossing Kenzie over her shoulder and making her exit.

We don’t know much about Bo at this point, other than she apparently is good hearted because she made a point to save a stranger. When you see her next she is running around a run-down house where it looks like she has been squatting. Burning clothes and stuff she can’t carry with her and locating her fake ID’s, it appears she is going to go on the run after killing that guy.

Lost Girl Its a Fae Fae Fae Fae World KenzieUnintentionally waking up the passed out Kenzie she had on her couch, she is unable to make it out without having to talk to her. Resulting in them going out for milkshakes, where we learn a little more about Bo. Kenzie in all her hilarious glory of course is trying to figure out what Bo’s deal is and what she did to the guy in the elevator.

Telling Bo her mamma always said to make friends with the toughest kid on the playground, and Bo is definitely that. At this point we have seen the cops who have checked out the scene at the elevator, we don’t know much about them other than there is some kind of strange going on with them. After Kenzie and Bo’s milkshake they catch up to her and you see one of the cops, Hale, do some sort of whistle thing that subdues both of them. This way they can capture Bo and take her off somewhere unknown.

Dyson Lost Girl Its a Fae Fae Fae Fae WorldBo is questioned about what ‘clan’ she is a part of and who she is. She has no idea what they are talking about, neither do we for that matter. You get to see Dyson and some kind of animal side to him when there is some scuffling going on and some high and mighty chick shows up wanting to take Bo. Those two talk and decide that Bo may be telling the truth and she must pick a side, or die in the process.

While they are discussing that Bo is in the lab or Dr. Lauren who is a human that is in it for the science of studying the Fae species. She explains to Bo (and us) that there is a light and dark side to the fae, and that far are a superior species to humans basically. During the process of trying to figure out what type of Fae Bo is, we get to see some flirting between the two. Clearly Bo swings both ways, what about Lauren? Is that just Bo’s powers bringing the heat between them or…?

Bo Being Examined by Dr. LaurenAnywho, Bo turns out to be a succubus, which must not be very common since Dyson and Hale had never seen her type of kill before and nobody had a good idea off the bat what she is. Bo wants Lauren to ‘fix’ her and Lauren tells her there is nothing to fix she is a perfect specimen of her kind.

Onward to Bo being taken to decide which side she on, Light or Dark. You are unsure how Dyson feels toward Bo at this point, he seems so flippy floppy. He does however allow her to feed from him before she is tested so she has the energy and strength needed to hopefully pass. She does eventually pass (with the help of Kenzie) and chooses the side of the humans. This is upsetting to the leaders because they figured she would have chosen a side or died and not been their problem anymore. You see Trick (the short leprechaun looking bar owner)  approach the two of them and offer his two cents on the situation, makes you wonder who is he and what is it he is doing exactly? Especially after this little conversation with Dyson earlier in the episode.

The episode ends on a good note, with Bo deciding to keep Kenzie around/allow her to stick around and them heading home to the ‘crack shack’.


I like that we are entering this show knowing about as much as Bo and Kenzie do. Though this means we have as many questions as the two of them. Who are Bo’s parents and how did she not know about this world? What’s going on with Trick and Dyson? What types of Fae are all the other characters? What happens now?

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