I bought a new bed frame! IKEA – BRIMNES Bed Frame + Storage

I Downsized from King to Twin, Why?

I decided it wasn’t practical. It takes up ALL of the space in my room, I can’t really have anything else. The sheets are expensive not to mention I have to get specific sheets because the pillow top makes it so tall I can’t just get any kind. The bed itself is more than I needed for just me. The reason I chose a twin came down to the biggest thing, it was there and I didn’t want to have to buy another one. Next to that it took no space compared to a king, I could get any sheets and they were way cheaper since there is less material. So, I went out an bought a frame and some sheets and voila! Needless to say I got the frame from IKEA (where basically all my furniture comes from). FLAXA Twin Size Bed Frame $179

FLAXA Bed Frame

Then Reality Sets In

Why is it, that you can have so many reasons for something and it seems like such a good idea at the time and you then think to yourself, what was I thinking? I didn’t regret the overall decision, I still wanted to downsize. However the idea to stick to a twin quickly proved to be a bad idea. You see, I didn’t take into consideration I have a 60lb fur baby who sleeps in the bed with me. So that made it crowded really quick. Not to mention I am an adult, and let’s be honest, a twin size bed is meant for kids. Even in IKEA I had to buy the frame and sheets etc. in the kids area. I then realized I wasn’t going to be sticking with this bed as long as I thought.

Everything Falls Into Place

I wasn’t in a huge hurry to get a different bed. I was managing with it until I had the money etc. Then a number of things happened at once. First, I saw on my local swap and shop’s Facebook page someone selling a full size memory foam mattress, like new for $75. I was the first to comment and offered $60 and I will pick it up now. He agreed and I picked it up, he even said that he had been trying to sell it and all the other people fell through! He told me he bought it off Amazon and he liked it so much he decided to get a queen size instead.

The next week I placed the twin size bed frame I was using on that same swap and shop. I didn’t want to see it for ridiculously cheap because I had seriously had it for about a month and there was no damage at all. It was still brand new. I listed it for $50 less than what I bought it for at $130. I had no immediate takers so as the day went on I started to think I would have to lower the price to get rid of it. I mean, I could keep it and use it as a spare bed for guests, but I would much rather sell it and use the money to put toward my new bed frame. Luckily someone did call me, and they were actually at IKEA as they called and he was interested in the bed. Long story short, they came to pick it up and I had an extra $130 to get a new frame.

I had picked up a few extra shifts at my second job and had made enough money that between the $130 and that, I had enough to buy a bed frame I had been eyeing for a while. I did consider going for the cheapest one they had, but the longer I sat on the thought the more I decided I was just going to get the one I really wanted. I don’t plan on changing my bed for a while so I decided to commit fully, and not half commit by getting a cheap frame.

Let’s go to IKEA!

It took a while for me to go to IKEA, and I almost went alone before I convinced my mom to go with me. I partly didn’t want to go alone and the other part of me knew I would need help picking up the bed and everything.

We walked through the store picked out a couple things here and there. As usual I saw a lot of things I wanted but since I had such a big purchase on my mind I did not linger too long and I kept my other purchases as minimal as possible.

So picking up the bed was only worth a mention because I didn’t realize how heavy it would be. I mean I have bought beds there before so the long boxes didn’t concern me. It was the fact that they were SO DENSE. None of the boxes I would have been able to carry by myself, even the smallest one.

My dad helped me move the boxes into the house. Of course in the process the biggest and heaviest box I drop my side. Guess where it landed? Yeah. My right foot. On my toes. That was lovely.

My Love Hate Relationship with IKEA: Putting it together!

I love love love IKEA. Most of the time I really like putting their furniture together. I’m sure you can imagine though, a bed frame with 4 drawers underneath and such isn’t exactly a simple task. It’s not that it was hard though, I did it with relative ease, it just takes a long time to do. Since I had sold my other bed frame, if I didn’t get this one put together I was sleeping in the guest room up stairs, or laying my mattress on the floor, which I really didn’t want to do.

I start putting the bed together and everything is going well. I hadn’t run into any problems figuring it out or difficulty assembling. Until it came to the very last step before I could toss on the slats and the mattress. The mid beam. The most crucial part of the bed that holds a large amount of the weight for the center of the bed, and holds the slats in place. Now, as with most peoples IKEA bed buying mistakes it is not that I forgot to buy the mid beam, I made sure to get that. The problem was I only had one of the plates you use to mount it to the frame. One on the foot board side and one on the headboard side.

It was just after 10 pm when this realization hit and I was running around my room trying to look in every body, under everything, checking the trash. I couldn’t find it anywhere and I couldn’t for sure remember even seeing that there were 2 to begin with. The real sadness started to kick in at the realization this wasn’t going to get done tonight, and possibly not even for days if I have to order a new plate. Before giving up Matt checks the trash one more time. I swear I shook it around, felt the outside of the bag, dug through the inside, and I found nothing. He does it, and it falls out of a piece of cardboard.

Hooray! We screw the plate one and put in the mid beam. Toss on the slats and mattress and I get to finally sleep. Another thought on that though, Why was the second plate in a piece of box and the other one I did have I took out of a sealed plastic bag with all the screws and such?

BRIMNES Bed Frame and Storage 2

Okay, So I didn’t get it completely finished that night

New Bed Side ViewI finished it enough to sleep on, but I didn’t assemble any of the drawers. I saved that for the next night since I had it off. Putting IKEA furniture together is hard work, and I woke up Monday morning so stiff and ache. My body felt like I had just done a hard workout that involved a million squats. Just walking made the muscle in the back of my thigh flex and ache. Felling like that and I wasn’t even done!

I went home that night and watched TV while I put together the drawers. Even that was a workout because they aren’t exactly small drawers and picking them up and trying to put them in was difficult. Needless to say I finished it!

BRIMNES HeadboardReally the majority of the night was spent trying to put my room back together/rearrange it to go with the new piece of furniture that was now in it. I eventually really want to get the headboard that goes with this frame ($130). I really love the design, especially that I am not going to knock anything off my ‘side table’ while I am sleeping. I’m kinda sad I will have to wait a while until I can get it, but it will be worth it.


I’ll include more pictures of my finished room below! With Ody modeling the new bed I am sure he thinks is for him. (Well, I guess it kind of is) Ha. Sorry for the mess on the love seat, and the duster 🙂

New Bed 1New Bed 2

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