Dalek Empire 1.1: Invasion of the Daleks (Audiobook)

Dalek Empire Series by Big Finish Productions

Invasion of the Daleks Cover

Invasion of the Daleks was the first story in the Dalek Empire audio series produced by Big Finish Productions. This series, beginning with this story was Big Finish’s first foray into audio stories featuring Doctor Who universe elements without the Doctor or another known character

The Milky Way is at peace. After centuries of struggle, the Earth Alliance has been created and all is well. Then, without warning, the Daleks launch their invasion. An invasion which threatens to tear apart the fabric of our entire galaxy…

This caught my attention right off the bat, new characters you haven’t met in Doctor Who. I love that each person was voiced by someone else, it really helps keep track of what is going on. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Susan’s personality at first, and right off the bat I loved Alby. It didn’t take long to jump right into the action with the Daleks. I enjoyed the narration from the elderly woman, maybe it’s Suz?

I really like being able to hear everything going on within the Dalek side. In the show, you don’t usually get to see the inner workings/see the focus of the story on their side. Suz gets better once she starts actually interacting with Daleks and talking back to them. They throw in things like Southern Comfort alcohol and “other fish to fry” a favorite saying of their ancestors, which is all kind of amusing.

It’s about 2 hours of audio, but it seems to go by quickly if you listen while you are working or cleaning. The audio seems a little jumpy between things at first as it sets up all the characters and the overall story, but about halfway through the transitioning becomes smooth and seamless. It lays the foundation for story line questions like, what are the Daleks wanting? why are they mining this blue rock and using humans to do it? why are they watching Suz? what is their end goal? It also has a lot on the human survival instinct, with Kal calling it an affliction.

As the first in this series, after the characters are established and the jist of what is going on within the galaxy after the invasion, we start getting into the nitty gritty. Suz unintentionally sews the seeds to her becoming the voice of those enslaved, arguing more ideal working conditions/rest/food with the Daleks in exchange for their mining the veganite. Alby goes back to the invaded planet in hopes that Suz is alive and he can find her. And it appears the Dalek’s are studying human behavior…

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