Non-Challenge Related

I know I have 46 books set to be read this year from the challenge alone, and yes that is a lot of books. However, let’s be honest I am undoubtedly going to read books that aren’t in the challenge and likely more than the 46 books I have set!

Book Club & Challenges

It’s never too late to join! Everyone is welcome, book clubs aren’t just for old ladies. I’ve tried to make this book club as laid back as possible with many options and minimal requirements. Feel free to email me if you have any questions!

  • Monthly Movie Events: A movie event each month of a book that was turned into a film. Reading the book is not required to come see the movie.
  • Reading Challenges: I am participating in a couple different reading challenges. They are optional but are nice guides for expanding your reading experience and trying new things.
  • Reading Rewards: There are ongoing reading rewards for the 2016 year from January 1 to December 31. This is optional, but encouraged as you get some awesome stuff for reading, no specific books required for this.

This year, I discovered some reading challenged and decided that I was going to try and tackle at least one of them this year. My goal is to tackle 3, and hopefully more miscellaneous books after that! I have to read at least 36 pages every day to finish my 46 challenge books by the end of the year.

As of 3/7 I have read

  • 3/46 Challenge Books
  • 1,473 pages / 14,126 total
  • 2 Non-Challenge Books
  • 917 pages total

2016 Reading Challenges