Amazon’s Kindle in a Nutshell

Kindle Paperwhite 1

I absolutely love to read, and ideally I would have a giant library with a million books. However, thinking practically, who is going to have to move all those books every time I switch an apartment or move into a new house? Me, that’s who. That being said, yes a big library would be nice, and maybe when I own a home. Until then, Amazon had a solution for me.

Kindle Paperwhite 2

They have had their Paperwhite e-reader for a few years now, and though it has changed drastically from when they first introduced it, the idea is still the same. E-Ink. I utterly love the e-ink over trying to read on an illuminated display. Staring at the Paperwhite screen for hours doesn’t hurt my eyes, it doesn’t drain the battery like a phone or tablet, and no glare in the sunlight. Literally as close to being a book as you can get while still being a piece of technology and without actually carrying around a book.

Kindle Paperwhite 3

  • Affordable compared to the number of books I could buy with $119 (Maybe 10 books?)
  • E-Ink = No Glare/No Headache/No Eye Strain/No Blue Light
  • I just have to tap on the left or the right side of the Kindle to turn the page
  • I can read in the dark or low light
  • It saves where I last left off across all devices logged into my account
  • I can highlight and takes notes on any section or paragraph that I want
  • I can hold my finger over a word I don’t know and it looks it up right there
  • It tells you how long you have left in the chapter, and how far % you are through the book
  • I can adjust the size and style of the font
  • I don’t have to charge it nearly as often as my other electronics. Kindle page says it would last 6 weeks on a single charge, but I read way more than 30 minutes a day so I generally charge it every week or so
  • I can easily hold it in one hand and in any position
  • Books are pretty cheaper than paperback
  • Kindle Unlimited is $10/month & I have access to hundreds of books (Not usually ‘best sellers’ though)
  • I can carry a thousand books in my pocket/bag and not break my back

Have you decided you are going to get yourself on yet? Take note of the info below if you are trying to decide on what model to get!

There are 3 different Kindle options

Kindle $59
167 ppi & No back light

Kindle Paperwhite $119
The $60 difference? 300 ppi & Built in back light

Kindle Voyage $199
The $80 difference? Adaptive Light Sensor and Page Press

  • Adaptive Light Sensor: automatically adjusts the brightness of the display based on your environment, and can even be fine-tuned further to your personal preferences. When reading in the dark, the adaptive front light slowly lowers the display’s brightness over time to match the way the eye responds to darkness.
  • PagePress: a custom-designed force sensor that reacts to a subtle increase of pressure, triggers a page-turn, and provides a haptic response only your thumb can perceive. PagePress has no moving parts, the haptics provide you with a minimal indication that you have pressed the button to reduce distraction from reading.

With or Without Ads?

Not worth the $20 more! Unless having the ads just REALLY REALLY drives you crazy. You only see the ad’s in 2 situations.

  • When the kindle is in it’s standby/screensaver mode. Which means it’s when you aren’t even using it!
  • At the very bottom of the screen when you are in your main library. Once you have opened a book and are reading, they are gone.

WiFi vs 3G?

Another thing I don’t think is worth it. It’s $70 to get a Paperwhite or Voyage with 3G instead of only WiFi.

The only use for the 3G is for downloading books without Wi-Fi and keeping the whisper sync being up to date across all devices. WiFi is everywhere nowadays and most of the time free. I have WiFi at home, I have WiFi at work. If I am downloading a new book or something I do it when I am somewhere with WiFi, which isn’t hard to find. Even then I will keep it in airplane mode most of the time to save battery. So unless you just have to have it, it’s quite easy not to miss/notice it’s missing.

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